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10 uses for Scratchy Balm

This was a newsletter about Scratchy Balm I sent out a few months ago, but customers are always asking me for it again, so I thought I’d post it as a blog!
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Organic Scratchy Balm: 50g £9.95  
every home should own a pot!

When I first set out on my organic beauty adventure about 6 years ago, Scratchy Balm was the first product I made and I instantly fell in love with it. It soothed and calmed my own extremely stubborn eczema and my little girl’s behind-the-knees eczema (she named it Scratchy Balm). Little did I know then that it would go on to help 1000’s of others. It still makes me cry a bit when I get those lovely emails from happy, happy customers and how they have found it life-changing.

If you have a pot of it lying round the house somewhere, get it out and start loving it all over again, here are TEN THINGS you can use it for:

1. ECZEMA – obviously! There are so so many of these but here’s my most recent favourite feedback, Geff says “I cannot begin to explain just how superb this balm is. After years and years of sore hands and using nasty steroid creams, I’d given up finding something that would actual help my eczema. If I remember to use it twice a day, it will completely clear up my eczema and keep it away. I would go as far as to say it has changed my life and could not recommend it enough!”

2. Psoriasis – Wendy says, “Scratchy Balm was recommended to me by a friend for my psoriasis. I’ll be honest I thought she was mad; how wrong i was!!!! only 3 days later my hands started to clear and within a week i had normal skin on my hands, and other places … it has taken the itch out of it and its much less angry looking. I can go swimming again, kids no longer ask what happened to my hands or adults stare, thank you sooooooo much.”

3. Nappy Rash – Caroline says, “My baby had severe nappy rash and no over the counter or prescribed cream worked…until I was recommended scratchy balm and I haven’t looked back since! I can’t live without it!”

4. Molluscum – Claire says, “Scratchy Balm cleared my daughters stubborn molluscum contagiosum where everything else had failed, cleared in a fortnight & forever. Can’t recommend enough.”

5. Sunburn/minor burns – just dab a bit on and leave to soak in.

6. Verrucas & Warts – use at least once a day. Put a small dollop on and cover with a plaster.

7. Very dry hands and feet – massage in after washing/bathing. Sarah says, “Perfect for getting those repairs to feet done in time for summer sandals. Thank you-wouldn’t have been able to show my feet without this saviour.”

8. Insect bites – dab on as needed.

9. Chapped lips/noses – use like a lip balm. Perfect on dry noses after a cold.

10. Flyaway hair – rub a tiny amount into palms then smooth over hair ends.

Do you have another? Post your uses for Scratchy Balm on my website, Facebook page or email me with your scratchy balm story and I’ll treat you to 10% off your next order with me.

Buy yourself a new pot now!!

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