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How can aromatherapy help with Anxiety?

Some of you will already know that I send a newsletter out every week; this is normally to promote a product or give news or offers etc. But some weeks I just give some information. I get a good response from my emails. However, one week in November last year, I got a phenomenal response, and this was not a selling email, it was an information one. And the subject matter was that thing we don’t like to talk about: Anxiety!

What I can tell you from the response I had is that this is a major issue for many, many women. It affects so many of us and it is something we should deal with and talk about. Here’s the email, I hope you enjoy it and find something in it that will be useful for you, or someone you know.

Sleep remedy

Anxiety: there’s a subject no one really wants to talk about. Yet is affects so many people; I’m sure most of us have either had issues with it at some point during our lives or know someone who has. But no one wants to really admit to it.

I come across it in my line of work ALL the time. And the pressures of being a working mum, with a busy business, busy children, busy dogs (and guinea pigs and hamsters), along with some hormone issues means I’ve had times where I’ve struggled with it. I am by no means an expert. But often my massage clients want to know what essential oils work. There are several that help, but they are not the answer alone.  Below you will find five things that may help you (or a loved one) if you are feeling anxious:

  1. Every time you feel a panic coming on, drink a pint of water – yes a full pint. Someone gave me this tip and it really helps. There is some evidence that anxiety and panic can be related to severe dehydration. In my experience, most of us don’t drink enough water, so get some down you. For the first few days you may find yourself drinking a lot of water (and going for a lot of wees) but after a few days you should see an improvement.
  2. Listen to this 3 minute breathing space.   When a friend introduced me to this, I thought, “ah, ok, I’m not the meditation type…” but actually, it takes three minutes and it talks you through it in such a simple way, so what exactly have you got to loose? If you give yourself just three minutes, it can really help you get on with your day. Seriously, try it.
  3. Check out your diet and your hormones – I’m suggesting you have a look at my friend Nikki’s website:  Hormone imbalance plays a massive part in causing anxiety problems. Nikki is an expert in dealing with this, and she can also help you get your adrenal levels tested which can be very depleted if you have suffered from stress and anxiety for a while.
  4. Watch what you are eating – this is so obvious but many people are not aware that many foods can cause anxiety – too much caffeine, too much alcohol, too much artificial sweetener such as aspartame which you’ll find used in so many diet food and drinks – read up a little more about that here:
  5. Essential Oils: as I mentioned, there are so many that help; please consult a qualified aromatherapist (ahem, that would be me) if you would like a blend making up, as you need to get the details right. Vetiver essential oil, also known as the oil of tranquillity does so many things: it’s useful for mental fatigue, stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, irritability, it balances hormones and it stimulates your immune system. I use it in my Sleep Soundly Roller Remedy (£6.95). This not only helps with sleep, but many of my customers use it for moments of stress. Just roll it onto your inner wrists and take a few slow deep breathes. You can also benefit from all the oils in my Release blend, which is a pure essential oil blend for using in burners. But you can also put a few drops on a tissue and whip it out your pocket for a sniff when needed: Release: Anxiety Blend

I’ve written this newsletter today because I’ve seen anxiety in so many people recently, all of whom think they just have to put up with it. Don’t put up with it. Do at least three of my list above and this time next week you could be feeling a whole load better.

I know lots of people probably won’t read this, they’ll glance at the heading and think, “that’s not for me” but for the few of you that do read it, I really hope I’ve said something here that helps you.

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