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Are Essential Oils Safe To Use During Pregnancy?

I’m often asked what essential oils are safe to use in pregnancy. As a clinical aromatherapist, it is really important to know what oils can be used when. Many people wrongly assume that as essential oils are natural, they can be used by anyone at any time. This is simply not the case.

Why do we have to avoid some essential oils in pregnancy

The mains reasons are that some oils can encourage menstrual bleeding – and you don’t want that when you are pregnancy.

Also some oils can affect hormones and the balance between oestrogen and progesterone.

It’s best not to use essential oils at all for the first three months of pregnancy, particularly in massage.

Oils you can use

After that you can use the following oils in low dilutions:














sweet orange



Use less – your skin is more delicate and more permeable during pregnancy so where you would normally dilute essential oils in a carrier or base oil to 1%, during pregnancy this should be lowered to 0.5%. As an example, if you were making up a 50ml bottle of oil or 50g of cream, you should add no more than 5 drops in total of any of the above essential oils.

Please never ingest essential oils – I’m aware there is some practice of certain unethical essential oils selling companies who encourage consumers to put drops of essential oils into water and to drink it. Please do not to this, particularly when you are pregnant.

Clary Sage is an essential oils that is often used in labour to help minimise the strength of contractions. This is a great oil to help during this time, but please note that the clary sage should NEVER be used during pregnancy, until you are definitely in established labour.

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If you have any questions about essential oils, please either contact me or another qualified aromatherapist.

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