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Are face wipes bad?

When customers pop in to LJ headquarters for a chat about skin care, we often start by talking about what they are using now. Occasionally, someone will say that they use face wipes, then pause, and ask, “Is that bad??” and as I am unable to hide my horror, I always pull my shocked face and reply, “Yes!”.

I realise that often busy, tired women might reach for them at the end of the day because they’re quick. However, that is all they are. You are worth more than a 15 second smear over your face of a non-degradable, toxic piece of material!

Face wipes are bad on so many levels. Let me name just a few.

Why Face Wipes are BAD

1. They don’t even take your make-up off that well, they just smear it all over your face, leaving a trail of yucky ingredients behind them. Research suggests they only remove about 50% of your make-up, leaving you with clogged pores and and a layer of skin irritants.

2. They contain a great deal of preservatives and alcohol to keep them moist and fresh in their plastic packaging, often the kind of preservatives you shouldn’t even clean your floor with, let alone your face. Here’s an example of just a few of the toxins used in a brand of cleansing wipes that market themselves as suitable for sensitive skin: phenoxyethanol (a germicide which is proven to cause dermatitis, as well as causing problems to the nervous system) parabens (linked to a number of health scares, including skin and eye damage, male infertility and even breast cancer) disodium EDTA (a cleansing agent that helps ingredients to be absorbed into the skin – so not a good idea to use this with harmful ingredients).

There are so many dangerous ingredients that are present in face wipes, this was just a snapshot of ONE brand that claims to be gentle. Please remember to read and understand skincare ingredients.

3. Scrubbing over your skin with them, in an attempt to get the make up off, will often leave you irritated; faces should be cleansed gently using massage, not scrubbed at like you scrub a pan clean.

4. The material those things will sit in landfill for a really long time. Or if you flush them down the loo, they’ll block up sewage systems.

5. These wipes are actually causing premature ageing, wrinkles, dryness and possibly spots and even eczema! Because they are leaving your skin not clean and with a layer of unpleasant ingredients remaining, clogging your pores and drying out your precious skin.face cleansing natural skincare

If you live in a house that has running water, this is literally no excuse for using wipes.

Because you are worth it

I hope this convinces you that there are much better ways to wash your face at the end of the day. I created our Papaya Wash Off Lighter Cleanser specifically for women who are busy and need a quick face-washing fix. Pop over to see the amazing reviews of this gorgeous natural, toxin-free product.

I know that sometimes at the end of the day, you are just so tired. You want to get the bedtime routine done as quickly as possible. However, believe me, you are doing yourself absolutely no favours by using these things. Please consider switching to a cleanser that is kinder to your skin AND the environment. You are worth just 5 minutes spent washing your face with something that helps your skin to glow with health.


For more information on dangerous skincare ingredients please visit


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