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Aromatherapy Clean Home (aromatherapy cleaning recipes)

I’ve just had an email from a lovely customer who asked me when I was going to start making natural organic cleaning products. I have no plans to do this any time soon (that would be a whole new safety assessment world I don’t want to get into right now) but it gave me an idea for this blog.

So how do I keep my house clean? I’m not that clean, in all honesty, because I believe some germs do you good. Also, I’m quite busy running my business and looking after my gorgeous children and poodles. But obviously the kitchen and bathroom need a good clean regularly, and no, I don’t use any horrid chemicals at all. Here’s how I do it:

empty spray bottle

  • Save an old squirty cleaning bottle, give it a really good rinse out with warm water.
  • Boil the kettle and wait for it to cool (or it might melt the bottle).
  • Once cool, pour the water into the squirty bottle.
  • Add a few drops of thyme essential oil (you can buy this on line) and maybe a few drops of another essential oil such as lavender or geranium or one that you like the smell of, not an expensive one though.
  • Shake shake shake.
  • Squirt all over your work surfaces, round the sink, round the bath, round the toilet, door handles etc, and wipe away.
  • There your go, a germ-free house with not a chemical in sight.
  • Make sure you shake the bottle before each use to disperse the oil with the water.

All essential oils are antibacterial, but why thyme essential oil? It has the most amazing anti-bacterial properties, it is one of the only known killers of MRSA (the evil hospital superbug)!! It is way better than ANY horrid dangerous chemical you can buy from the supermarket shelves. Here’s a very interesting article from the BBC website:

Thanks for reading. Feel free to share your natural home cleaning products. And don’t forget to keep your skin chemical free too – buy gorgeous organic products from my website now:



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