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Aromatherapy and menstrual cramps

Yuk, it is that time of the month again!

How does it come round so fast? And why does it always take me by surprise?? It is round about this time of the month that I reach for my little jar of “special” massage oil.

Now I know I’m not alone, I recently read some research saying, “It is estimated that over half of young women will experience painful menstrual cramps regularly. Some estimates suggest that over 80% of college-aged women suffer from monthly pain.”

Did you know that massage can really help period pain? I have mixed myself a little organic grapeseed with the following essential oils:

  • Lavender Oil because amongst many other things it can relieve anxiety, depression and pain. It is also anti-inflammatory and analgesic.
  • Clary Sage Oil because it regulates menstrual cycles, and is pain-relieving.
  • Marjoram Oil because it is analgesic, relieves pain and acts like a local anaesthetic. It dilates blood vessels, which helps to relieves menstrual cramps.

Not only that but when mixed together, lavender and clary sage essential oils create “two specific molecular components that are known to be anti-inflammatory and relieve pain. In addition, one of those molecules inhibits the secretion of the prostaglandins that cause uterine muscle contractions.”

If I feel a little sickly then I also add some grapefruit oil which is amazing at relieving feelings of nausea.

It is best to massage your stomach in a clockwise direction regularly for a couple of days before your period starts, so it’s good to be organised and keep a note of when you are due on.

If you’d like a little bottle of massage oil mixing up then contact me or pop in to see me in my therapy room in Wilmslow, Cheshire. Hopefully you will find it useful and calming.

Massage is so good for many things, not only for every day aches and pains, stresses and strains, but it can also aid fertility, which I will cover in my next blog so look out for that.

For more information on gorgeous natural organic products and the benefits of essential oils, visit:  . Thanks for reading.



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