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How Can I Improve My Sleep?

Many people ask health care professionals “How can I improve my sleep?” and there is no magic answer. Gabbi from Natural Practices is guest-blogging for us, and has written this fantastic comprehensive guide on not only why sleep is important, but how to get more, naturally. Read on to learn everything you need to know […]

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Teenagers and Eczema

It’s May 2020 as I write this, possibly the worst year since the end of WW2. Most of us are living with pretty high levels of stress and anxiety and some of us are living with teenagers, with eczema. The reason for writing this is that my daughter is 13 and has always had a […]

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What is Omega 3?

Omega 3 is very important in getting eczema under control. I have always advised taking a very good quality fish oil supplement in order to get your levels up, to reduce the inflammation in your skin. That was until my daughter became vegan and she had an eczema flare up. I realised that the fish […]

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