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Homemade Face Mask with Avocado and Olive Oil

This mask is absolutely perfect for skin that has become dry and dull and it contains just two ingredients which you hopefully already have in your kitchen: olive oil and avocado, it really couldn’t be any more simple. It will give your face an immediate and noticeable lift.

Making face masks at home, when your skin needs a little lift, is one of the most fun things you can do for your skin. There’s no need to buy shop-bought ones that are filled with synthetic ingredients and preservatives, which can damage your skin. Just make up as much as you need for one face mask, and it will be the freshest, most vitamin-filled treat.


Suitable for skin type: it works on all skin types, but is best for giving skin that’s become dry a fantastic moisture boost.

Ingredients: half a very ripe avocado, one teaspoon of olive oil

Benefits: Avocado contains essential fatty acids, the building blocks of collagen – a structural protein contained in the skin essential for elasticity. It moisturises skin and has anti-ageing benefits. Olive oil is rich in  anti-oxidants, which means it helps protect skin cells from environmental aggressors, such as pollution. It also naturally contains squalene, a natural lipid produced by skin cells that diminishes as we age, and is a fantastic hydrator.

How to make it:

Mash the avocado in a bowl until it is really smooth. Leaving large lumps in will make it really messy and it will be falling off you.

Mix in the olive oil.  avocado and olive oil face mask

Tie hair back.

Spread a layer over your clean face; it’s best to do this over the bathroom sink in case bits fall off.

Leave for ten minutes until it is starting to dry out.

Gently remove with warm water. Pat dry.

Your skin will be extremely soft and hydrated.


If you love avocado, you’ll also love my OMG Serum which has organic, cold-pressed avocado oil as one of its main ingredients: OMG Serum

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