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Banana Face Mask

We had an old banana going brown in the fruit bowl and I hate waste so my little girl and I decided to make the most of it and do a bit of very very simple and natural skin care.

Are bananas good for the skin?

Yes. Bananas contain lots of fabulous vitamins, including manganese, vitamin C, potassium, biotin and copper, which are all proven to be beneficial to skin. They are also thought to be anti-inflammatory and able to fight against signs of aging due to their ability to mop up free-radicals. This face mask will even out skin tone, minimise dark spots, reduce dryness and moisturise the skin. Now why would you buy a little packet of chemical-filled rubbish from the high-street chemist to put on your face when you can by a banana for about 10p!!

You can also add a few other ingredients to your face mask to make it work a little harder.banana face mask natural skincare organic handmade beauty products

Oats: deeply anti-inflammatory, oats soothe irritation, soften skin and promotes clean and clear skin. Oats also work as mild soap, as they contains saponins, which is a cleansing agent. They are often used in the treatment of eczema due to their anti-inflammatory and soothing nature. Add a teaspoon.

Lemon Juice: gives the mask an extra hit of vitamin C and brightens your skin by providing a little bit of natural exfoliation. Add a squeeze (from a fresh lemon).

Bicarb of soda: great to add to your mask if your skin is a little oily and congested. Breaks down grime and dirt, removes excess oil which otherwise can clog up skin pores and lead to acne breakout. Works as a versatile deep cleanser to unclog skin pores. Add halt a teaspoon.

Honey: helps your skin to retain moisture and is also anti-bacterial, great for both spots and dry skin. Add a teaspoon – raw honey is much better than processed honey.



Mash the banana in a bowl with a fork until smooth-ish.

Add the other ingredients should you want them.

Apply to the clean face with clean fingers and leave for ten to 15 minutes.

Wash off with warm water.

Pat face dry gently. Apply a gentle and natural moisturiser or serum, such as my OMG Serum.

That’s it, how easy is that? And if you are a parent, its a really good way to get your children into natural skincare. Enjoy x

And if you love eating bananas then read a bit more about that here:

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