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Blog about spotty skin

Blogs are a useful way of answering questions I get asked all the time. One of the many questions I get asked very regularly is, “Do you do a product for spotty skin/dry skin/mature skin etc…”

Well I actually kind of do one of each product which suits ALL skin types. This is because if you treat your skin very kindly with gentle natural products, your skin will find its own balance.

Mums of teenagers regularly ask me what they can use on their slightly hormonal spotty ones. And the odd grown up too, asks, “What products do you do for spots?” The answer is, my 100% natural (not a single chemical in sight) cleansing balm and a muslin cloth. The reason is that using an oil-based cleanser will give you much better results and it is much more similar to your skin’s own oil/sebum, meaning that it is extremely effective in re balancing your skin. If you use a product that removes all your own natural oil and leaves you with that “squeaky” feeling, guess what, your skin thinks, “uh-oh, where has the oil gone, quick, make more!”.

My cleansing balm contains totally natural plant oils which dissolve all your every-day dirt, impurities and make-up, and then you use the muslin cloth to completely remove all of that, which also very gently exfoliates at the same time. The result is clean, soft, moisturised skin… skin that can breathe, skin that is balanced.
Cleansing Balm
Here’s what to do: tie your hair back, remove a little of the cleansing balm and with your fingertips, and give it a really good thorough massage into your dry skin. It will remove everything, even water-proof eye make-up. Once you are well-massaged and all that dirt is nice a loose, get your muslin cloth in a warm basin of water, ring it out, then really thoroughly remove all of the balm with it. Make sure you do remove it all. You will be left with super-soft-clean skin. That’s all you need to do.

If you have the odd spot or can feel one coming, put a dab of neat lavender oil directly onto it. Lavender oil is anti-bacterial and will help reduce inflammation and bacteria associated with spots. But it won’t leave you with that horrible dry surrounding area that tea tree oil might do.

Hope this is helpful. Pop over to my shop page now to treat yourself or your spotty teenager (yes, boys too) to some cleansing balm. Your skin will really thank you.

And if you have any skin questions, just let me know. I do like to help.

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