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Handmade Bath Milk

Bath Milk Recipe

I like to share a nice skincare recipe and this one for bath milk is lovely and perfect for this time of year, when it’s fine to close the curtains, run a gorgeous hot bath and indulge in a little TLC. All these ingredients can be bought at your local supermarket easily, with the exception […]

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vacuum-cleaner-dust mites

Face Eczema and Dust Mites

Before I started being the natural eczema lady, I used to go to the dermatologist and GP regularly to get awful creams for my skin (they never worked). And although I look back on those days at the “dark years” of constant itching, scratching, steroid cream, repeat, I did learn some small snippets of information […]

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Blackheads ….what an attractive subject for a blog. However, it is something I’m often asked about so here goes with some information you might find helpful if you have them and want to get rid of them. What are blackheads? They are quite simply dead skin and sebum that get stuck in your pores. Sebum […]

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woman beauty sleep

Beauty Sleep

I’ve recently come back from a two week holiday and I learned something very interesting about my skin and my face in particular. I didn’t eat particularly well (unless you include cake, chips and wine as eating well), I didn’t really do any exercise (unless you count walking to the cafe as exercise) and I […]

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