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comfort in times of uncertainty a lovely cup of hot tea

Creating a Comfort Library

I think it’s fair to say that we are living in very uncertain times; living through a situation in which none of us could have possibly imagined. Most of us are pretty scared and looking for comfort. As well as the dreadful uncertainty of who might have the virus, when we might get it ourselves, […]

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Babs-femalefocus female health women's health

Are we failing to care for mums?

Another guest blog on the theme of caring for yourself, women’s health and not putting up with a situation in your life that can be improved. This is written by Babs, a physiotherapist who set up her own business, Female Focus, who is passionate about getting women back to full health after childbirth. Here’s […]

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Robert Brennan talks about mental health

Is It Really “Okay Not To Be Okay?”

Guest post from Robert Brennan who is thinking about our attitude to mental health. I read this article myself and thought it was so insightful and useful that I asked Robert if i could use it on my site as a guest blog. So here it is, I hope you find it useful too.   […]

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Silk & Shine Shampoo Bar zero waste handmade natural beauty products

How to use the LJ shampoo bar

Washing your hair with our fabulous shampoo bar is obviously different from using a conventional liquid shampoo, and the results may feel a little different too, particularly to begin with. But that doesn’t mean you should abandon it after your first hair-washing attempt and go back to the evil plastic shampoo bottle. Read on to […]

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