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toxic beauty products

Toxic Beauty Products

I just wanted to do a bit of thinking out loud for a minute. I just caught the end of a TV programme (Health: Truth or Scare on BBC) about Toxic Beauty Products and how tabloids have used that scary title in newspapers and online to grab readers attention. The programme talked about what actually […]

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banana face mask natural skincare organic handmade beauty products

Banana Face Mask

We had an old banana going brown in the fruit bowl and I hate waste so my little girl and I decided to make the most of it and do a bit of very very simple and natural skin care. Are bananas good for the skin? Yes. Bananas contain lots of fabulous vitamins, including manganese, vitamin […]

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Molluscum-contagiosum and eczema

Molluscum and Eczema

I know lots about eczema but not so much about molluscum. What I do know is that many mums have bought my world famous Scratchy Balm to use on molluscum because about 5 years ago, a mum tried it on her daughter and it got rid of her molluscum when nothing else worked, and she […]

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herbal coconut deodorant handmade organic beauty products

Herbal Organic Deodorant

At my organic beauty workshops, we nearly always end up talking about deodorant. In my opinion, commercial deodorants are one of the most vile things you can do to your body. There is a lot of negative press about commercial deodorants and the dangerous ingredients they contain. We are meant to sweat to expel toxins, […]

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Handmade Bath Milk

Bath Milk Recipe

I like to share a nice skincare recipe and this one for bath milk is lovely and perfect for this time of year, when it’s fine to close the curtains, run a gorgeous hot bath and indulge in a little TLC. All these ingredients can be bought at your local supermarket easily, with the exception […]

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