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nothing fish omega 3 oil supplements

What is Omega 3?

Omega 3 is very important in getting eczema under control. I have always advised taking a very good quality fish oil supplement in order to get your levels up, to reduce the inflammation in your skin. That was until my daughter became vegan and she had an eczema flare up. I realised that the fish […]

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letterbox gift, organic handmade beauty products that fit through your letterbox

how to compost cardboard

As part of my environmentally friendly way of working, all the packaging that my orders arrive in is fully compostable; from the paper bubble wrap, the packing chips, the biodegradable brown tape and the cardboard box itself. Did you know that over seven million tonnes of cardboard end up in landfill every year? It’s shocking, […]

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Silk & Shine Shampoo Bar zero waste handmade natural beauty products

How to use the LJ shampoo bar

Washing your hair with our fabulous shampoo bar is obviously different from using a conventional liquid shampoo, and the results may feel a little different too, particularly to begin with. But that doesn’t mean you should abandon it after your first hair-washing attempt and go back to the evil plastic shampoo bottle. Read on to […]

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