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Tinted face cream

Tinted Face Balm

At my workshops I like to bring along random beauty products I’ve made at home. At my last workshop, I brought along my homemade tinted face balm, and all the ladies there absolutely loved it and wanted the recipe. Actually, they wanted me to make it and sell it, but I have no plans to […]

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eczema balm uk

10 uses for Scratchy Balm

This was a newsletter about Scratchy Balm I sent out a few months ago, but customers are always asking me for it again, so I thought I’d post it as a blog! Organic Scratchy Balm: 50g £9.95   every home should own a pot! When I first set out on my organic beauty adventure about […]

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Face Care at Home Routines

I get so many emails every day from people asking questions, about eczema, about pregnancy safe oils, about scars, about coughs and colds, facial routines, you name it, if there is an aromatherapy solution, I can come up with it, and I happily spend a good deal of time replying to emails. Last week I […]

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