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Chilled Out Baby and Pregnancy Massage

dreamstimefree pregWell how lovely to wake up in the morning to a text message from one of my pregnancy massage clients to say she has her baby, early and a lovely calm birth. I’m hearing this more and more from my pregnancy massage clients, and it turns out there is a link between having massages throughout your pregnancy and having a calm, and dare I say it, enjoyable birth.

So I’ve looked into a few studies that show how beneficial massage is, one study shows that following massage, pregnancy women have less anxiety, less back and leg pain, they sleep better, and levels of the stress hormone adrenaline and cortisol go down. The feel good hormones serotonin and dopamine also go up.

I see this with my very own eyes every time I massage a pregnancy lady, they float off the massage bed with a dreamy look in their eyes and say they’ve not felt so good since before they were pregnant. And often the next day they text me to say they had an amazing sleep because the baby was not so wriggly in the night.

It seems obvious that if you go into labour feeling calmer and with less stress in your body, of course your labour will be easier and the end result is a lovely calm mummy and baby.

So there you are, pregnancy massage = calm mummy, calm baby = easier birth. It’s a no-brainer. Check out my website for more info on how to book your very own pregnancy massage:

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