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Face Eczema and Dust Mites

Before I started being the natural eczema lady, I used to go to the dermatologist and GP regularly to get awful creams for my skin (they never worked). And although I look back on those days at the “dark years” of constant itching, scratching, steroid cream, repeat, I did learn some small snippets of information from the dermatologist. One of the things he told me one time when the eczema was awful around my eyes, was that dust mites allergy often presents around the eyes and face. So now I try to tell people with bad eye eczema to minimise exposure to dust mites.

What are Dust Mites?

Tiny tiny creatures that live all over your house, you can’t see them. You are not actually allergic to the dust mite itself, but its poop! Yeah, it’s gross, isn’t it?? They are everywhere in UK homes, in our carpet, our bedding, our sofa and they love warm, humid conditions. They eat our dead skin (which is basically what dust is, anyway). Most beds contain millions. Yuck yuck yuck.

Not everyone is allergic to their poop. But if you are, it’s such a tricky thing to deal with. It can cause wheeziness, sneezing and itching/eczema, particularly on the face and around the eyes. And unfortunately, they’re there all year round.

What can you do to minimise them?

You will never get rid of them totally, but it’s always a good idea to make steps to reduce their number. Here’s some of the things you can do:

  • Change your bed regularly and wash on a hot wash (60 degrees) but remember to use an eczema-friendly washing detergent.
  • Get bedding that reduces allergies, particularly mattress covers: I found this quite helpful:
  • Don’t have loads of teddies in bed; if it’s your children that are suffering, let them have the odd one and make sure they are machine washable.
  • When you get out of bed, don’t make it, pull it right back and let it air. If you make your bed right away (does anyone do this???) then you are trapping all the moisture in there and the dust mites will have a party!
  • Vacuum regularly, including your mattress, and make sure your vacuum is really good at pulling up dust.    
  • Let fresh air in to your house in general by opening windows.
  • Damp dust – that way you are picking up the dust, rather than dry dusting where you are just moving it around.
  • Don’t allow anyone to smoke in your house – I’m pretty sure hardly anyone reading this would be a smoker but smoke makes ALL allergies much much worse.
  • Avoid having carpet in your bedroom and certainly don’t have rugs.
  • Improve your gut health which will stop you being so allergic in general.

I have written a blog about reducing hayfever symptoms and many of these tips will also help you reduce any allergic reactions so please pop over and read it, you might find it really useful.

I’m just leaving you with this clip from Britain’s Got Talent a few years ago when a woman appeared, singing a song about dust mites; my children found it hilarious and we had to rewind and watch it several times. I’m not sure why she sang a song about dust mites, but hopefully it might make you smile. Hope you learned something new.



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