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Have you told your friends?

Well my very lovely customer, you know I don’t advertise and I keep my natural products affordable by not having to spend money on marketing, PR and adverts. I seem to be in an extremely fortunate position that you, my fabulous customer, tell your friends, your work colleagues, your family members about my little artisan beauty company.

I know this because orders arrive in quite a geographical pattern; often orders trickle in from the same street, as word obviously spreads. Then I’ll get a new customer from an area I’ve never had one from before, then within in the following weeks, I get a whole new cluster of customers from that area.  have you told your friends-

So I picture you, sitting round, having a coffee and a chat, and you talk about skin, and then you mention LJ Natural and how happy you are that your own skin is feeling amazing and it’s all natural and handmade, and it’s not too expensive, so your friend goes off to investigate and they place an order, then they tell someone and so on and so on …

I can’t even tell you how happy this makes me. I’m so grateful.

So this post is to simply say THANK YOU! And to say, if you’ve told a friend, and you know that friend has gone on to buy from me, TELL ME, because I want to send you a thank you gift. Just email me: and I’ll send you something, either a little freebie or a discount code.

As you can probably tell, I am very passionate about the products that I make. I am also passionate about the wider impact on the world and take every opportunity to make a positive imprint. With the feedback I receive from so many clients, I can tell this is really important to them as well. We can make a difference and together.


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