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Helping Customers with Eczema and Organic Skincare Advice

I thought it would be useful if I shared some of the information I regularly give to customers, who email me asking for eczema help. I had a message from a mummy whose little boy was really really struggling with a sore eczema area (inside the underpant region, poor little mite) and he was scratching himself raw in his sleep. This can become a problem, particularly on warmer summer nights. Here’s a snippet of the advice I gave to the mummy, and two weeks later, he is nearly better, which ALWAYS makes my day:

“Can you wash everything he comes into contact with in Surcare., his pjamas, his pants, shorts, bedding, towels, EVERYTHING. Any perfumed things anywhere near him will make his so much more sore.

I  can get you some chamomile water and put it into a spray bottle, that way you can keep it in the fridge and spray on when necessary, as many times as you need to. This will cool and calm him. Also add a spot of lavender oil to his bath, possibly some tea tree too if you think the skin is infected or fungal.

Obviously, keep his fingernails very short, cut them every other day if you have to, so he can’t do so much damage with the scratching.

If the skin is infected, you MUST see your GP. If it was me, I would go back to the GP and insist on a referral to a dermatologist, I think you need to break the cycle and then return to natural route once things are under control. 

I think in the meantime you could give him an anti-histamine medicine from the chemist (Piriton solution or similar) at night before he goes to sleep, it should make him sleep well and stop the itching so that at least the skin can start to heal.”

Hopefully you might find some of this information helpful too. I’m always giving bits of advice along these lines, depending on the query, but I will put them into blogs from now on so everyone can share in the knowledge.

If you have any good advice, please post it into comments below.


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