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Herbal Organic Deodorant

At my organic beauty workshops, we nearly always end up talking about deodorant. In my opinion, commercial deodorants are one of the most vile things you can do to your body.

There is a lot of negative press about commercial deodorants and the dangerous ingredients they contain. We are meant to sweat to expel toxins, so we should never use ingredients that block sweat into our bodies. Aluminum is the main ingredient that does this and it should be avoided at all costs.

The way aluminium works is by entering the sweat gland and expanding. It creates a plug to stop sweat coming out. I’m sorry but this is so disgusting, would you stop your wee coming out? No, because we need to wee, don’t we? Yes, and we also need to sweat.

Commercial deodorants also usually contain perfumes and preservatives that are just bad for our skin. So either find yourself a natural one or just have a go at making your own.

Here’s a simple recipe that does not prevent sweating, but should prevent odour by dealing with the odour-creating bacteria in our armpits.


50g glass jar
15g organic unrefined coconut oilherbal coconut deodorant handmade organic beauty products
15g bicarb of soda
10g organic shea butter
10g arrowroot
essential oils: lavender – 4 drops
rosemary – 3 drops
lemon – 3 drops

optional: couple of drops or one capsule of Vitamin E


Melt the coconut oil and shea butter together
Remove from heat; thoroughly mix in the bicarb of soda and arrowroot.

It should start to thicken slightly, and you want to keep stirring until it is thicker so that the powders stay suspended in the oils.
When it’s slightly cooler, add the essential oils.
Pour (or scoop in with a knife if it’s got quite thick) into jar and leave to set in the fridge.

To Use:

Just rub a small amount into armpits, leave it for five minutes for it to soak in before getting dressed. It’s important to wait five minutes so it has time to soak in; if you get dressed straight away, you may end up with some of the oil
on your clothes.


If you are switching from a normal deodorant then you may go through a period of detoxing where all the toxins you’ve been trapping into your sweat glands comes out. You can speed up this process by having hot baths to make yourself sweat loads (remember to drink lots of water).

During warm weather, you may want to re-apply this later on in the day, to ensure you stay super-fresh.

If you love this recipe and want to learn more, get yourself my RECIPE BOOK.

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And to read up more about the dangers of aluminum , CLICK HERE.




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