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Honey, it’s so good!


I was thinking today as I saved yet another bee that was hanging round the window trying to get out, “go little bee, go and make us some lovely honey.” I love bees and in our family, we love honey. Not only does it taste delicious and make an absolutely fantastic and healthy alternative to sugar, it also does absolute wonders for your skin.

Did you know it is an amazing moisturiser, it is antibacterial, and it reduces dryness and improves the appearance of wrinkles? It helps water bind to the skin, which will help your skin to feel softer and more hydrated, better than any chemical alternative.

It also helps to draw impurities out of your skin, so if you are having a problem with hormonal spots or mild acne, honey is one of the best cures. You can use it as a facemask, yes it’s sticky but worth the mess! Your skin will feel so lovely after.

If you can, buy local honey (I always get mine from the farmers market) as it’s important to support local business and local honey is also fantastic at reducing the symptoms of hay fever.

So that’s why I put honey in my homemade 100% organic honey & beeswax lip balm which you can buy here: for just £3.95. Not only does it keep your lips really hydrated and prevent chapping, but it also helps with those tiny lines you get around your mouth at a certain age. It also tastes lovely, not strong, but just a lovely little hint of something wonderfully natural. Hope you will try it soon. Oh, and if you see a little bee trying to get out, please help it!

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