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how to compost cardboard

As part of my environmentally friendly way of working, all the packaging that my orders arrive in is fully compostable; from the paper bubble wrap, the packing chips, the biodegradable brown tape and the cardboard box itself.

Did you know that over seven million tonnes of cardboard end up in landfill every year? It’s shocking, isn’t it, and you might be wondering what can you do to stop this happening.

You are already helping the environment by buying from us, a sustainable, plastic-free, carbon-neutral company, but once you have received your LJ order, you can take your own sustainability one step further.

Cardboard is fully compostable in your own garden composter and a very useful addition. It adds loads of needed carbon to the compost. Think about what normally goes in a garden compost – vegetable peelings, left over fruit, grass cuttings, these are all rich in nitrogen, and once combined with a bit of cadrboard, you’ve got yourself a really great team. Together they will help each other to break down more quickly, becoming something you can use much more quickly.

And what if you don’t have a compost yourself?  You could check with your neighbours if they’d like any cardboard for their own composters, or perhaps you have a community garden or an allotment near you where you could go and ask?

How to get your cardboard ready for your compost

Just tear it up into bits, the pieces don’t have to be the same size, just break it down into smaller bits, then layer it up with your veg/garden waste compost. If you can, turn it about once a week, and hopefully in approx 2 months, it should be ready to use on your garden.

As we don’t use any plastic at all (we even use compostable brown tape) you can safely put all your LJ packaging onto your compost. If you are using other cardboard packaging you’ve received elsewhere, make sure you take all plastic tape or packaging out first. You don’t want bit of plastic in your compost. And you should also avoid shiny laminated cardboards too, as they contain a thin film of plastic.


So that’s it – a very fulfilling way to use your LJ box once you’ve taken out your lovely goodies; not only are you stopping the cardboard from ending up in landflil, but you are creating something wonderful to use on your own garden. Every little helps and if everyone did plenty of little things like this to help our environment, we’d be in a much better place.

Let me know if this was helpful and feel free to send pictures of you compost.

To get yourself a little LJ cardboard box full of gorgeous things, pop over to our shop page now. And then you can get the box onto your very own compost.

To read more about composting for beginners, CLICK here.

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