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How to get moisture back in your skin

If you are anything like me, the two week Christmas period involved mostly sitting in centrally heated houses, drinking Prosecco and eating overly-salty food; all absolute disasters for your skin. But fear not, follow these six very easy tips and you’ll soon be back to lovely glowing skin:

1. drink more water or herbal teas – yes I know, it’s boring but it doesn’t have to be, pop some slices of lemon, some mint leaves, a slice of cucumber or fruit or whatever you fancy, into the glass and keep drinking. Avoid too much get moisture hydration back in your skincaffeine and alcohol which will draw water away from your skin. It works wonders on your skin, better than any face cream.

2. turn the central heating down a notch, great for the environment and great for your skin; if you are a bit chilly, just pop on a nice warm jumper and some thick socks, you’ll save money, you’ll help reduce climate change, and your skin will be sooo much happier.

3. put the crisps down! I am a crisp monster (it’s why I started being a collection point for Terracycle empty crisp packets) but seriously, all that salt will make your body draw water away from your face and into your body to try and wash out the salt. Not just crisps, watch your overall salt intake.

4. instead of eating a salty snack, could you eat a watery snack, I mean anything with lots of water in it, like an orange, an apple, lots of veggies? Try to include as much water-rich food in your diet as possible, they will also more likely be high in vitamins and minerals that your body will thank you for. avocado and olive oil face mask

5. take a supplement if your skin is really dry, a good quality Omega 3, like Eskimo fish oils or a good quality flaxseed oil if you are vegan, this will really boost your skin’s moisture levels. Choose to eat good quality fats.

6. be careful what you are using on your skin – don’t cleanse with overly-harsh products that strip the natural oils from your skin, use something gentle and moisturising like our Organic Deep Cleansing Balm and then put even more moisture back with a really really indulgent face treat like our Overnight Organic Skin Drink. And don’t over-use products, learn what is just enough to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Our Honey & Oat Mask is perfect for a deep cleanse but you only need to do this about once a week. Other skin care brands tell you to use products all the time just so you buy more and they make more money, it’s not necessarily good for your skin to do so.

So that’s it, six steps to gorgeous hydrated, moisturised skin. It really is so simple.


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