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How to make a body lotion bar

You know I love making organic beauty products, and I love teaching others to do the same. When I started my business (in 2009) one of the first things I made was an organic body lotion bar, but nobody bought them; they sat on the shelf for a good couple of months, and I soon moved onto more advanced recipes and products. But that was way way way before the whole “plastic free” revolution.

A lotion bar is a bar of vegetable fats and oils melted together, normally with some essential oils and set into what looks like a bar of soap, but actually on contact with the skin (or heat) it will melt a little to give you a gorgeous, silky body oil. And once it’s gone, it’s gone, there is no bottle to get rid off, therefore being incredibly environmentally friendly. They would normally come wrapped in, and be kept in, a small piece of greaseproof paper.

I kept seeing lotion bars mentioned on environmentally conscious facebook pages about how to reduce plastic use, and one of my customers tagged me on a ‘plastic-free-beauty’ post suggesting I make them. So I had a spare 10 minutes between running the business, looking after the kids and the dogs and doing washing (why is the washing basket always full??) and I made up three lotion bars and oh my goodness … I absolutely love them. The are so rich and moisturising, and the ones I made here smell beyond incredible.

So here’s the body lotion bar recipe:

15g Organic Beeswax

30g Organic Cocoa Butter

30g Organic Shea Butter

25g Organic Oils of choice (I used a combination of organic avocado and olive oil, both purchased from Waitrose. You could also use sweet almond oil, organic sunflower seed oil, or any other good quality base/carrier oils)

10-15 drops of essential oils of choice (I used lavender, geranium and mandarin)organic body lotion bar handmade organic beauty products


Place the beeswax, cocoa butter and vegetable oils into a bain marie (double boiler) and melt slowly, stirring every now and then. Once melted, take off the heat and let is begin to cool slightly. Add your essential oils, stir thoroughly and then quickly pour into your mould. You can use cupcake holders, or a clean empty yogurt pot or similar. This recipe is enough for about three bars. Then pop them into the fridge to cool. Allow around 4 hours to cool then pop them out or the mould and gentle rub into your arms, legs, or anywhere that needs some serious moisture.

When you are not using them, it’s VERY important to keep them somewhere cool, or guess what ….. they will melt!

Make a start

If you’d like to get some ingredients off me to make your own body lotion bar, just contact me, and if you love the idea of making your own incredibly simple beauty products, why not come to our next Organic Beauty Workshop? You’ll learn so much and come away with a bag of beauty products that you have made yourself. I’d love to see you there.

It’s a really nice idea to get some beeswax from your local beekeeper to make these – beeswax has so many amazing skin healing properties (it’s why I use it in Scratchy Balm). I recently bought some heather beeswax from Bax Bees and I really highly recommend you get some for making products – the absolutely stunning scent of the heather beeswax is central to the gorgeous smell of the body lotion bars I made.

Have fun making these and let me know how you get on. If you get something that looks pretty, put it on Instagram and tag me on my page: 

Enjoy xx


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