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Post-Natal Aromatherapy Massage


The Smile GroupThe time after you’ve had your baby can best be described as “mixed”. You probably feel totally overjoyed at the safe arrival of your gorgeous bundle, but you possibly also feel overwhelmed and weepy at times too; I know I did. Your body has taken nine months to grow your baby and it will now take quite a few months, even a year to get back to “normal”. You are possibly aching all over from the birth and from trying to get into the right position to feed your little one. You are probably tired/exhausted from the change in sleep patterns.

This is why it can be a good idea to have a massage. It’s extremely important that you take care of yourself during this time, both physically and emotionally, so that you are in the best possible place to also take care of your baby.


Your postnatal massage will be tailored to fit what you need on that day, which we will discuss before the massage, to make sure you are getting what you need. We will start with a full consultation covering your general health, and details of the birth so that we can decide between us what you will find most beneficial and most enjoyable.

Lavender, oil, pregnancy massagePost natal massage is important because it can help to:

•  give you much needed time to yourself.
•  give nurturing and emotional support
•  help ease sore/aching muscles after pregnancy and childbirth
•  prevent and reduce further back/neck pain caused by baby care
•  boost energy levels & reduce fatigue/exhaustion
•  heal after a C section or other operations
•  aid breastfeeding as you are more relaxed
•  relieve symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome
•  soothe varicose veins reducing swelling


If you are interested in booking in for a post-natal massage, I normally ask you to wait 6 weeks after your birth, but if you have no complications, we can discuss doing this sooner. Always check with your health care professional (midwife/health visitor) if they think it’s ok for you to have a massage.


If you have been for a pregnancy massage, you will know that I position you on your side surrounded by pillows for comfort and support. For a postnatal massage, we can also use the “pregnancy” position, but we can discuss this before we start, depending on how you are feeling/healing/breast tenderness etc. I will, of course, make sure you are completely warm and comfortable before we start. The aromatherapy oil blend I use is totally safe to use whilst breastfeeding. Again, we can discuss the oil blend prior to the massage.


You can book in at my therapy room in Wilmslow for day time appointments. You can bring your baby (I am upstairs) if you feel sure you will be able to relax with them there. It is sometimes more beneficial for you if you can come alone so that you can really relax.

A gift voucher for a post-natal massage can be an extremely thoughtful and welcome gift for a tired new mum. All gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Back Massage: 25mins £24.00
Full Body: 1 hr £42.00
Ultimate Post Natal Treat: Full body massage with organic facial: 1hr 20 mins £49.50

Bespoke: anything in between (For example, maybe just back and legs: 40 mins £28.50)
Just call me and I will create the massage you want!