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Beauty Box Subscription

Do you want your favourite LJ’s products to magically arrive on your doormat just as you run out?

You choose the products, you choose how often, you get the fuss-free service!

Read on, this is the simple way to permanently gorgeous skin for busy busy women…


The Beauty Box that contains products you actually want and will always use.

Hello my lovely customer, here’s the problem, you often tell me you’re about to run out of moisturiser, face oil, bath oil or one of the products you love and use on a regular basis and that you “must” get round to ordering some more….when you get a moment.

That’s the key, how often do any of us get “a moment” to do anything?

So it made me have a think about how I can help to make your life easier. What if you order once, then every so often, the products you need just arrive without you having to think about it? I have put together this package to give you one less thing on the ‘to do’ list.

Here’s what to do:

1. You choose your most used/favourite LJ’s products
2. They arrive on your doorstep at the frequency you choose (in weeks or months, maximum 2 months)
3. You get a % off depending on how many products you order.


All you need to do is choose your products, I set up monthly payment plan and email you the payment request, you agree it and then you don’t have to think about it at all. Your gorgeous box arrives at your requested interval and you will never run out again! You can stop the payment at any time.

Pop over to the Beauty Box page now to set this up.


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