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Fresh & Gentle Deodorant: bar or jar

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A solid deodorant cream in bar or jar format: a blend of high-performing, natural plant oils, that will leave your armpits fresh and fragrant all day long, whist not irritating sensitive skin.

Comes in either a glass jar with aluminium lid and wooden scoop, or wrapped in paper packaging which is fully biodegradable and can be composted or recycled. Part of our Zero Waste range. Storage tin for the bar is optional and can be re-used many times.

Suitable for men and women.

Jar: 65g  ~  Bar: 28g

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We’ve created an amazing natural deodorant made with just a handful of natural plant ingredients, which comes in either a glass jar with wooden scoop or in a small, portable bar that doesn’t need packaging. This is part of our new ‘Leave Only Footprints’ range, as we are very keen to look at how we can still have gorgeous, effective, natural skincare but that doesn’t leave you with a load of packaging at the end.

It’s gently scented with bergamot, rosemary and lavender essential oils, a gorgeous herbal blend which is extremely effective in combating under arm odour and is unisex, which makes this suitable for men and women.

The bar version is wrapped in a piece of grease-proof paper (which is FSC, compostable certified unbleached and totally chlorine free) inside a small paper bag, both of which can be composted or recycled. We recommend that you buy the re-usable tin just once and keep it in that, and after the initial purchase of the tin you can then just buy it in the paper. Please store it somewhere cool and dry – it will melt if you leave is somewhere warm and sunny. Also keep it out of the way of curious dogs.

The jars can be recycled in your kerbside recycling or returned to us for re-use in return for LJ loyalty points.

How to use your natural deodorant

The Jar: Scoop a small amount out with your wooden scoop and rub into your armpit to get a thin even layer.

The Bar: Just very gently rub the bar into your armpit so you have a thin even layer. You will soon get to know how much you need to use. Between used place back onto the grease-proof paper, which is biodegradable and compostable. Or invest in these re-usable tins, which is perfect for keeping your bar in good condition between uses and perfect for travel. reusable tin for zero waste face oil bar

Here’s the key ingredients:

Coconut: light and moisturising, anti-bacterial so will help to eliminate the bacteria in the pits that is associated with body odour. It also helps to keep your skin lovely and soft and moisturised.

Bicarb of Soda: absorbs moisture and odour, and helps to eliminate odour.

Cornstarch: soothes irritation, helps to absorb excessive moisture in the skin, so helps to keep you nice and dry.

Shea Butter: a rich creamy butter, high in nutrients and an excellent anti-ageing ingredient, diminishes the appearance of skin blemishes including scars, burns, and rashes and is great for eczema.

Rosemary: wonderful fresh, herbal aroma which helps to neutralise odour.

We make this deodorant weekly in small batches so it is always still full of skin-loving nutrients when it reaches you.

Happy Customers Love our Gentle and Natural Deodorant

“This is so perfect for taking away – such a neat bar and it’s extra good because it actually works! After a day of train travel and meetings my pits still smelt pretty good. Absolute winner!”


NB: If you are switching from a normal deodorant then you may go through a period of detoxing where all the toxins you’ve been trapping into your sweat glands comes out. You can speed up this process by having hot baths to make yourself sweat loads (remember to drink lots of water).

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate,  butyrospermum parkii*, zea mays, caprylic / capric triglyceride, cetearyl alcohol, tocopherol, helianthus annuus seed oil, rosemarinus officinalis, lavendula augustifolia, citrus bergamia (naturally occurring allergens: citral, geraniol, limonene, linalool)  *certified organic

Suitable for Vegans

Handmade in Cheshire

Please use in 6 months

Palm Oil Free

FREE FROM: aluminium, parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, artificial fragrance & colour ,animal ingredients, alcohol, phenoxyethanol, gluten-containing grains, dairy, sesame, soya & egg

If you love zero waste products then have a look at our zero waste Silk & Shine Shampoo Bar.

To read more about how we are working hard to minimise waste across our entire business, read our environment policy.

To read more about why we should never use deodorants and antiperspirants that contain aluminium, CLICK HERE.

From my blog about deodorants and antipersirants: There is a lot of negative press about commercial deodorants and the dangerous ingredients they contain. We are meant to sweat to expel toxins, so we should never use ingredients that block sweat into our bodies. Aluminium is the main ingredient that does this and it should be avoided at all costs. The way aluminium works is by entering the sweat gland and expanding. It creates a plug to stop sweat coming out. I’m sorry but this is so disgusting, would you stop your wee coming out? No, because we need to wee, and we also need to sweat.


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2 reviews for Fresh & Gentle Deodorant: bar or jar

  1. Emily (verified owner)

    This is brilliant. I have tried so many ‘natural’ deodorants and none have ever worked. This one works all day, and even during exercise!

  2. Charlotte

    Amazing natural deodorant! Unlike other natural deodorants I’ve tried, it kept me smelling fresh and dry all day long. Would highly recommend.

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