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The Eczema Survival Pack

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Do you know all the things you should be doing to minimise your eczema outbreaks?

In my experience, most people have no idea, they just apply the creams GPs prescribe and never get to the root cause of the problem.

This fantastic eczema survival pack contains all the information and samples you need to start getting your eczema under control TODAY.


There is so much more to improving eczema, and other difficult skin conditions, than just applying a skin care product. Whatever skin problem you have, you need to address it from many different angles. This survival pack contains eight items you can put to use right now. Then they should help you to create a better environment for keeping your eczema totally under control.

If you’d like to see an improvement in your eczema, there are so many things to think about. I covered all this in my easy-to-read guide to dealing with eczema, which you can buy for £5.95. Click here.

You can now get my fantastic “Eczema Survival Pack” which contains an invaluable selection of very helpful eczema-friendly products and information, which I have carefully sourced. I use all these things and consider them to be absolutely essential in keeping my own, and my daughter’s, eczema under control.

So here’s what you will get:

1. LJ’s Guide to Living with Eczema: every day ways to keep eczema under control naturally. Worth £5.95. My fabulous book which covers everything you need to know. From what to eat, what not to eat, supplements to take, ways to reduce stress, skincare ingredients to avoid, natural skincare to try, food intolerance, and therapies (acupuncture, homeopathy etc) to try. It’s easy to read, you can pick out the bits that apply to you or just read the whole thing.

2. Pocket Scratchy Balm worth £2.95. My best selling world famous Organic Scratchy Balm in a mini format. Try it, see if it helps.

3. Nothing Fish Omega 3 Leaflet: a leaflet explaining it’s fantastic benefits. A vegan Omega 3 supplement which comes in plastic-free packaging, is environmentally friendly and full of skin (and brain) improving goodness. You can read more about this on my blog here.

4. Organic Herbal Teas x 2: make yourself a cup of this and sit down to read my book.

a) organic chamomile tea bag: a fantastic way to calm your skin and your mind, and keep hydrated.  Chamomile is proven to calm both body and mind.

b) organic nettle tea: nettles work as both a natural anti-histamine and an anti-inflammatory. It is also healing and anti-bacterial. It should both help to prevent itching and help to reduce the redness, whilst helping skin to heal.

5. Natural Practices Food Allergy Testing: a leaflet about this great service plus an exclusive 10% discount on your treatment. The ‘Health Detective’ is a Bio- Energetic System for testing Food Sensitivities,  Intolerances, Hormonal Imbalances and much more here at Natural Practices, in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, South Manchester. This amazing screening system provides invaluable information and offers a unique insight into your state of health.  It is  simple, effective, and non-invasive. Read more here.  We also have this fantastic food guide, with all the information you need to improve your skin through diet. Click here to download the PDF Lisa’s vegan-meal-plan and start eating your way out of eczema now. We can send a non-vegan version of the eating plan, just contact us.

6. ENJO Laundry liquid: 10ml. Switching to a natural, perfume-free, synthetic-free laundry liquid is an integral part of managing eczema. This cruelty-free brand is one I have used for years. A little goes a long way, you need only 2.5ml per wash meaning this sample will last you 4 washes. Again, my book dedicates a chapter to the importance of choosing the right washing powder/liquid. 99% of the ones you can buy at your local supermarket with make your eczema worse, as they contain so many skin irritants, namely perfume.

7. Nail Clippers: a very important part of all eczema control. Keep your nails nice and short and this minimises the damage you do when accidentally scratch. Scratching your skin creates such an awful circle of damaged skin, and it is much more likely to get infected.

8. Calming Organic Bath/Body Oil: 10ml size. Very simply organic sunflower seed, evening primrose, castor and jojoba oil with a touch of calming & soothing lavender & roman chamomile essential oils. For calming both skin and mind. You can either use this in your bath, or gently massage into your skin once you are out of the bath/shoer. You can buy a full size bottle here.



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