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NEW: Zero Waste Set

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Start your zero waste beauty journey here, and save over 15%:

Camellia & Apricot Solid Face Oil Bar

Scratchy Soap: Handmade

Silk & Shine Shampoo Bar

Bamboo Toothbrush

Organic Muslin Cloth

Bonus Limited Edition: Purple Metal Straw

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Zero waste is about reducing the waste we create – here’s the basics you need to keep your body healthy, with absolutely zero environmental impact.

Start your zero waste beauty journey here, and save over 15% with these fabulous six products, and for the opening offer, including a lovely metal straw which can be used time and time again:

Camellia & Apricot Solid Face Oil Bar – a beautiful smooth oil that deeply hydrates face and neck, made using just a handful of plant oils.

Scratchy Soap: Handmade – a long-lasting and gentle soap that cleans without damaging skin

Silk & Shine Shampoo Bar – a deeply cleansing shampoo bar for a healthy scalp and shiny, soft hair

Bamboo Toothbrush – just made out of bamboo

Organic Muslin Cloth – ditch those face wipes and use this gently exfoliating, endlessly reusable face cloth

Bonus Limited Edition: Purple Metal Straw

Please click on each of the items above to see more details about each product individually.

All products are vegan, palm oil free, and free from synthetic ingredients, petrochemicals and preservatives.

Why should we be looking at zero waste products?

The majority of beauty products come in single-use plastic packaging that ends up either in landfill or in our oceans; even if we put those empties in our recycling, this is no guarantee that it will actually be recycled.

Only 9% of plastic ever made has actually been recycled; this is totally unacceptable – to us, the answer isn’t to create more plastic (LJ Natural is now entirely plastic free) and say we’ll recycle it, but to stop buying it all together. As a business, we have made a conscious decision to not use it any more.

Last year an estimated 80 billion shampoo and conditioner bottles were thrown away – that is just hair care!

That’s why we are now working on creating a range of products that come in minimal paper packaging that can be composted or recycled, that will break down in no time, leaving nothing behind. This is truly zero waste.


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