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TJ’s Organic Cleanser: for teenager skin

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TJ’s 100% Organic Cleanser: for beautiful, delicate faces, suitable for ages 9+


Very simply 8 organic plant oils blended to gently but deeply cleanse young, slightly hormonal teenage skin.

Massage into dry skin, then thoroughly remove with a warm, damp muslin cloth. Skin will be cleansed, calm, soft and naturally beautiful. No need to moisturise.

Comes in a pack with information sheet and a hair band. Muslin cloth optional.

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A product for teenage skin that does not strip their skin of all it’s natural and needed oils. Like virtually all of my products, I stumble into them because of a need at home. My beautiful 11 year old daughter started getting the odd little pimple on her cheeks and nose, and at the same time, many customers asked me what cleanser I could recommend for their teenage daughters. Well I looked for something genuinely natural and effective for younger skin, and I discovered ….nothing…

So I got busy in the kitchen and created this very simple but effective cleansing oil. Read on to learn everything you need to know about young skin.


  1. Patch test behind ear and wait 24 hours. If no reaction occurs, start using, as below.
  2. At night, before bed (you only need to do this once a day) tie hair back from face with provided hair band and stand in front of the bathroom sink.
  3. Squirt a 10p size blob of the cleansing oil palms. Massage onto your DRY skin, concentrate on any spotty/pimply areas.
  4. Get the muslin cloth and dip into hand-hot water, wring out excess water.
  5. Gently and firmly place cloth against your face, hold for a few seconds, and then remove ALL traces of oil from your face with the cloth. Do not scrub.
  6. Gently pat face dry with a clean, dry towel. That’s it, nothing else is needed.
  7. Rinse cloth thoroughly and leave somewhere to dry (wash at 40 degrees once a week).

NB During the first few days, it’s possible that you may get a few pimples coming through as your skin adjusts and pores become unblocked. Your sebum levels may change. You should not need to moisturise, this cleansing oil should leave your skin feeling clean, settled and soft.

If you get any redness/itchiness/dryness then please stop using.

Here’s what one mum has sent me, “what a brilliant product – not just for my spot prone 12 year old but it has done wonders for me too, so not only for teenagers! You may need to think about a tagline to make sure adults get the benefits of this wonderful cleanser.”

Why A Truly Natural Cleanser Works Over A Traditional, Chemical Product:

  • Sebum is an oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands in our skin. Its main purpose is to make the skin and hair waterproof and to protect them from drying out. It is necessary and natural and we do not want to completely remove it. However, we do want to produce just a normal amount.
  • Spots can be caused by hormones, bacteria, over-production of sebum and a build of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin.
  • Traditional acne/spot teenage skin treatments focus on drying up your sebum and killing bacteria, but this is often much too harsh.
  • When you remove too much of the skin’s natural sebum, it will go into over-drive to produce more, so you will end up in a bad cycle of over-drying skin, which will then quickly become too oily again.
  • These traditional shop-bought products also often contain other chemical ingredients which upset the natural balance of your skin, perfume, alcohol, preservatives, all of which are too much for delicate young skin.
  • When your skin feels tight following cleansing/washing, it means you have over-cleansed and damaged the skin.
  • The best way to naturally deal with hormonal skin is to use products that do not clog your pores so that bacteria cannot build up.
  • Oil dissolves oil, so using an oil will actually help to remove any excess oil but allow your skin to naturally produce the correct amount.
  • It is important to use the right sort of natural oil though, as some oils (such as coconut or avocado) might block pores.
  • This cleansing oil contains a blend of oils that do not clog pores, calms inflammation, reduces bacteria, it is high in linoleic acid (which spot-prone skin is deficient in), which will help to balance and calm skin.

Ingredients chosen for teenage skin because:

Grapeseed: High in linoleic acid,  another very light oil, good for all skin types. It does not leave a greasy feeling to the skin after application. Slightly astringent, tightens and tones the skin, making it perfect for hormonal teenage skin.

Jojoba: closely resembles the body’s own natural sebum. Sinks into skin very rapidly, it is nourishing and is good for all skin types. Healing for inflamed skins. Can help control acne and oily skin as excess sebum actually dissolves in jojoba.

Castor: has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, helps to draw impurities from the skin.

Geranium: Hormone regulator, Reduces excess Sebum Production. Calms hormonal moods.

Happy mums say:

“I can’t recommend this product highly enough it’s made a huge difference to my 12 year olds skin, she started getting a lot of blackheads on her nose but this had made them completely disappear xx”

Happy teenagers say:

“My skin felt nice and moisturised after I’d washed it off rather than dry like lots of other skin products.”

“I like the way it feels and it makes my skin feel really soft.”

Ingredients: vitis vinifera seed oil, helianthus annuus seed oil, simmondsia chinesis,  ricinus communis, tocopherol, cedrus atlantica, pelargonium graveolens, citrus aurantium (naturally occurring allergens: citral, limonene, linalool, geraniol, citronellol) 100% organic

No parabens, petro-chemicals, artificial fragrance or colour.

Suitable for Vegans

Use within 6 months of opening
Store in a cool dark place
No Animal Testing

If you would like a moisturiser to go on after this, I suggest our Balancing Organic Moisturiser

For more information on settling teenage hormones please visit a qualified naturopath. I highly recommend

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11 reviews for TJ’s Organic Cleanser: for teenager skin

  1. Lynsey Baird (verified owner)

    Sadly I’m not a teenager, infact I’m a mum of 3 boys and have ridiculously hormonal skin from having PCOS. I’ve been using this cleanser for years and it is a dream. It’s the only thing I’ve ever tried that keeps the spots at bay, calms my skin down and it smells so nice! A bottle lasts ages too! I recommend it to everyone.

  2. Fran Reay (verified owner)

    Bought this recently for my 22 year old daughter who still gets spots on her chin and cheeks. From the very first use, it calmed them down and left her skin super smooth and soft but NOT greasy. Am hoping that with continued use will stop the “breakouts” getting out of control which makes her very depressed.

  3. julielfc (verified owner)

    My daughter loves this cleanser. Her outbreaks were really making her feel self conscious but after using this for a couple of weeks her skin looks so much healthier and has really calmed down. She loves the smell too, highly recommended

  4. Kerri L Cheetham (verified owner)

    Hi, I bought this amazing cleanser for my daughters pre-teen skin.
    Hormonal related little breakouts on her forehead were getting more frequent albeit still small.
    This cleanser smells amazing and my daughter said that her skin felt gorgeous after the first time of using it. There been a huge improvement since she got it. She loves using it and we will definitely be buying more. I love that like everything that Lisa makes it’s entirely natural. What a fab introduction to skin care for my lovely girl.
    Love it! ❤️

  5. Sarah

    My 10 and 13yr old are using this. They were both getting a few little spots and blackheads and this has definitely improved their skin. Would recommend.

  6. Jane Cocking

    I bought this product firstly for my eldest grandson now at University who found it definitely helped control his teenage skin. Recently I sent it to my 13 year old grandson suffering with what he calls red spots. He has told me that when he uses it regularly it makes a real difference and he finds the spots disappear and the muslin cloth is excellent for cleaning his face. His skin is improving but he was slightly embarrassed to admit that when he does not persevere with the product’s use, his skin is not so good.

  7. Gill (verified owner)

    My 13 year old teenage son uses this daily and is very pleased with it. We had tried a few off the shelf products but found them too drying for his young skin – this product doesn’t dry his skin but the use of the cleanser with the muslin cloth ensures his skin is clean. Just remember to get a few cloths as they need to be washed regularly.

  8. Carolyn (verified owner)

    Both my girls aged 11 and 14 have used this and really liked it. They said it made their skin (which can be sensitive) feel lovely and soft. I’ll be ordering more.

  9. Cat

    I bought for my 9 year old daughter as she was starting to get spots around the nose area. These have cleared up and she is continuing to use daily. She loves the packaging!

  10. Sarah

    My teenage daughter’s only been using it a couple of weeks, and is happy with the results (spottiness has definitely improved since using the cleansing balm and this oil). The instructions are very clear and straightforward.

  11. Imogen Pemberton

    This organic cleaner is amazing, I would 100% recommend to anyone and defiantly use it again. I stopped using it for abit and my skin got really bad but I’m using it again now and it’s good again (I’m 16).

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