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Supplements for Stress

If you are a regular reader of my blogs or familiar with what I do, you’ll know I’m normally talking about eczema, and stress plays a big old part in eczema, particularly in adults.

Did I mention that I recently wrote a book (yes, I did, I mentioned it about ,1000 times already in the past two weeks …). Anyway, the writing of it took quite some time and research, and as part of it, I did write a page on supplements to take for stress, but then I took it out, as my friend Nikki Hill (and marvellous naturopath) ended up writing that section. However, what I wrote is still worth reading so I thought I’d stick in in a blog. So here it is …


As stress is regularly the cause of eczema, it makes sense to also mention some supplements you can take to help minimise the impact of it. Here’s a very brief guide on a few things you could look into it, following your own research into which might suit you best:

  1. Passion Flower: a good natural remedy which eases stress and anxiety. Best taken at bedtime as it can make you sleepy. Some say this is more effective than prescribed drugs.
  2. Rhodiola: helps to improve energy, decrease stress and fight fatigue.
  3. Valerian: apparently this herb can activate a chemical in your brain that produces a feeling of calm. It also helps with insomnia.
  4. Fish oils: We need good fat to make our brains function properly as out brain is 80% fat. A good fish oil high in EPA will help by controlling hormone levels, specifically cortisol (the stress hormone) and supporting health moods. For good fish oils please just see the previous page.
  5. Asian Ginseng or Ashwaghada: an ayurvedic remedy which helps the body adapt to stress.
  6. Supplements for adrenal fatigue containing glandular extracts are popular when suffering with high stress levels. Look out for supplements containing l-theanine, which helps to increase the brain’s alpha-wave activity and improves relaxation.
  7. Magnesium: helps to relax muscles and lower blood pressure.

You can read more about how to relieve stress in my new book: LJ’s Guide to Living with Eczema.

Book: LJ’s Guide to Living with Eczema

Release Anxiety Blend (1400x907)You can also buy my Release Anxiety Relief essential oil blend to help you on your way.

Good luck in finding the thing that works for you. Everyone’s different, but we all need a little helping hand with our emotional state every now and then.

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