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Treatment for eczema

Molluscum and Eczema

I know lots about eczema but until recently, not so much about molluscum. What I do know is that many mums have bought my world famous Scratchy Balm to use on molluscum because about 5 years ago, a mum tried it on her daughter and it got rid of her molluscum when nothing else worked, […]

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homeopathy and eczema

Homeopathy and Eczema

I’m always looking for additional ways for people to help their skin better (or in fact other health issues) and one of the great holistic therapies that works extremely well on eczema is homeopathy. In my line of work I consider myself to be extremely fortunate in that I’m always coming across lovely, like minded […]

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greenscents lavender laundry liquid

Washing Powder for eczema

During the week I probably ask the question, “What washing powder do you use?” about ten times. This is because, as far as eczema is concerned, washing powder has a lot to answer for, a lot, A LOT, A LOT! Just think, you cover your clothes and bedding and towels in it, that sit against […]

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Beauty Product Ingredients to Avoid!

Here’s a quick blog of ingredients you will find in non-natural/organic skincare which you should avoid at all costs, but PARTICULARLY if you have eczema! I wrote this list for a journalist who asked what ingredients should be avoided in children’s skincare, well these five for a start, but there are soooo many other ingredients […]

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