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Natural eczema cream UK

What is Filaggrin?

If you have eczema then you should know what filaggrin is. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of it, I’ve had eczema since 1992 and I only just really read up properly about filaggrin and its role in eczema. But in about 2013 a clever professor discovered the importance of it and this had lead […]

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Treating hand eczema

Is Eczema on the Increase

  It’s certainly true that I’ve seen a big increase in eczema queries over the past couple of years. People contacting me to ask what they can do about their eczema – I seem to have the same conversation several times a week on ways to minimise the impact of eczema. Why is this?   […]

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Honey, it’s so good!

I was thinking today as I saved yet another bee that was hanging round the window trying to get out, “go little bee, go and make us some lovely honey.” I love bees and in our family, we love honey. Not only does it taste delicious and make an absolutely fantastic and healthy alternative to […]

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