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Eczema advice and tips

What is good bacteria on the skin

You’ve all heard of good bacteria, right? It’s the stuff you should have in your gut which makes your digestion system work properly and basically keeps you healthy. I really hope you have heard of it; if not, have you been living under a rock??   Well, hopefully you know about good bacteria in the […]

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eczema balm uk

10 uses for Scratchy Balm

This was a newsletter about Scratchy Balm I sent out a few months ago, but customers are always asking me for it again, so I thought I’d post it as a blog! Organic Scratchy Balm: 50g £9.95   every home should own a pot! When I first set out on my organic beauty adventure about […]

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Scalp Oils UK

A Blog about hair washing and dry scalps

Lots of customers ask me about dry scalps, it’s a really common problem; I suffer from it myself.  I think the big problem is hair washing too often and using a shampoo with evil ingredients in. Shampoos nearly always contain sulphates, specifically Sodium Laurel Sulphate (SLS) which is a known irritant.  Sulphates are a frothing […]

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