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Treatment for eczema

Molluscum and Eczema

I know lots about eczema but until recently, not so much about molluscum. What I do know is that many mums have bought my world famous Scratchy Balm to use on molluscum because about 5 years ago, a mum tried it on her daughter and it got rid of her molluscum when nothing else worked, […]

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Coconut natural deoderant

Herbal Organic Deodorant

At my organic beauty workshops, we nearly always end up talking about deodorant. In my opinion, commercial deodorants are one of the most vile things you can do to your body. There is a lot of negative press about commercial deodorants and the dangerous ingredients they contain. We are meant to sweat to expel toxins, […]

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Effective eczema treatments

Hand Eczema

My eczema started on my hands; I remember clear as anything standing outside the History block at school. I was waiting for a mock A-level exam and I saw these watery blisters under the skin on my palms. At the time, I didn’t know what on earth it was. Little did I know then that […]

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Natural eczema cream UK

Filaggrin and Eczema

If you have eczema then you should know what filaggrin is. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of it, I’ve had eczema since 1992 and I only just really read up properly about filaggrin and its role in eczema. But in about 2013 a clever professor discovered the importance of it and this had lead […]

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