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Effective eczema treatments

What is Hand Eczema

My eczema started on my hands; I remember clear as anything standing outside the History block at school. I was waiting for a mock A-level exam and I saw these watery blisters under the skin on my palms. At the time, I didn’t know what on earth it was. Little did I know then that […]

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Treating hand eczema

Is Eczema on the Increase

  It’s certainly true that I’ve seen a big increase in eczema queries over the past couple of years. People contacting me to ask what they can do about their eczema – I seem to have the same conversation several times a week on ways to minimise the impact of eczema. Why is this?   […]

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Reflexologist Wilmslow

Reflexology and Eczema

Guest Blog by Gabby Lamplugh from ‘Gabby Lamplugh Reflexology’ Reflexology is one of the UK’s most popular complementary therapies, with an estimated 20% of the population having tried it in the past or are currently having treatments. Reflexology is often given alongside conventional western medical treatments with few contraindications. A fully qualified reflexology practitioner will […]

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homeopathy and eczema

Homeopathy and Eczema

I’m always looking for additional ways for people to help their skin better (or in fact other health issues) and one of the great holistic therapies that works extremely well on eczema is homeopathy. In my line of work I consider myself to be extremely fortunate in that I’m always coming across lovely, like minded […]

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