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“I tried the organic scratchy balm on my psoriasis and it literally worked overnight! I asked Lisa if the cream could be produced in an oil form for easier application and she did it for me, making me a bespoke oil and even personalising the label “Katie’s Magic Organic Oil” (Love the attention to detail!) So much more effective than any prescription medication I have ever used and totally natural so no steroids which thin the skin. I have bought the scratchy balm for friends who also suffer and can not recommend this product highly enough, amazing!”

“I have been for massages and facials for the last 15 years and some have been good and some have felt like the therapist is just going through the motions without much interest in what they’re doing. It has to be said that in 15 years I’ve never had a more relaxing massage than with Lisa Johnson at The Holistic Rooms. She genuinely has a gift and I would recommend that if you’ve not already been for a full body massage with Lisa then I would get booked in as you’ll never look back and you won’t want to go anywhere else. I have also started having facials with Lisa and her products are amazing, especially her “Very Indulgent Facial Oil”. My skin feels amazing afterwards. Highly, highly recommended.”

“Hi Lisa, just wanted to drop you a quick message to say how amazing well your scratchy balm has worked on my babies nappy rash! I initially put sudacrem on it as that’s what I had in. It got worse over the day and by Saturday it was hot and bumpy and I think on the verge of turning to open sores 🙁   I used your Scratchy Balm for the first time on Sunday afternoon, by the evening there wasn’t much change but by the morning I was amazed that the hotness had gone and it wasn’t angry looking anymore, by Monday night after using at each nappy change it has pretty much gone!! I’m so pleased and amazed how quickly it worked!!! Thank you xx”

“I absolutely love my scratchy balm, I’ve had a break out of eczema all over my face and neck for a week, a reaction to makeup…I remembered my friend recommended this product, she was so right, it’s cleared it almost overnight… will defo be ordering again! And it smells beautiful Thankyou LJ! Xxx”

“Scratchy balm is amazing – my boy had molluscum for nearly a year & this cleared it up permanently within 2 weeks.”

“All the products I’ve tried are really, really good. The face moisturising cream is something I use all the time and get compliments on how lovely my skin is looking. The smell is divine in the morning it’s a real treat when I put it on, but doesn’t linger so it’s like a little treat every day. The thing that really made me realise that these products are so good was when I ran out of face cream and bought a very well known branded one as an emergency stop gap, I couldn’t believe how awful the chemical, synthetic smell was that I’d never noticed before. I won’t be making that mistake again. I love the face oil and the cleanser and eye gel are wonderful.”

“This week I was told that I looked 8 years younger than I really am! After discounting that It wasn’t a chat up line I decided that as I do everything that is bad for me…wine, odd ciggy, at least one night without sleep a week, sunbathe etc I can only credit LJ’s very indulgent face oil which I religiously slap on every night!”

“The scratchy balm has made a massive difference to managing my excema but since discovering it I’ve tried more of Lisa’s products and each one now has a firm place place in my skincare routine. The face oil especially is heavenly! Thanks Lisa!”

“I’m in desperate need of the very sensitive moisturiser. You should be very pleased. I bought some [famous organic brand] products last week to try and they’re useless compared to yours!!”

“The scratchy balm is amazing. To quote my husband- it’s either a miracle of a coincidence or a miracle cream- either way thank goodness the nappy rash has nearly gone! 95% improvement and no flinching as I put it on so it’s miles better. I’ll be buying a big pot for sure when this has run out. I can’t thank you enough xxx”

“Just wanted to thank you for the honey and beeswax lip balm and scratchy balm. I’ve tried so many products for my eczema and for my son’s cracked lips due to his medication and none have been effective until now. Within 2 days I could see a difference in Andy’s lips and now, a week on, they’re really smooth as if he’s never had a problem! Delighted.
I had an outbreak of eczema this morning, used the scratchy balm and by lunchtime, the inflammation was almost gone as had the itchiness, you’re a miracle worker!! Thank you so much xx”

“I received my OMG serum today and all I can say is thank you! The packaging is gorgeous and my skin looks brighter and clearer after just one use. Im in love with it already!”

“I’m so impressed with the OMG Serum, as I have been able to come to work without foundation for the first time in years! Xx”

“Just received my first ever Beauty Box from LJ and it is the best ever. Beautifully packaged using the minimum amount of wrapping. The smell is fresh, organic and floral – quite simply gorgeous. There is something for all the family, including a moisturiser for my hubby, a regenerating scar balm for my teenage accident prone son and lots of facial and body treats for me. A huge thank you LJ – we love your new beauty box!”

“I’ve bought your scratchy balm three times now and each time it arrives I tell myself I’m going to email you to tell you how fantastic it is.. but then time runs away with me and I’m ordering another pot and making the same promise! so here goes! your cream is a skin saver, I’ve suffered with eczema for the last 2 years and went through every steroid cream and paraffin filled moisturiser the GP and dermatologists could offer me. My mum saw your cream advertised in a magazine and suggested I give it a go.. I haven’t looked back. It’s unbeatable, it keeps the itching at bay and in some places the eczema has vanished completely. To add to all that I know it’s so much better for my skin than prescribed creams, and it smells good! I can’t thank you enough.”

“I cannot thank you enough. My teenage daughter has a very stubborn patch of eczema on her forehead about which she is very self concious. Her hair is constantly placed over the patch and we rarely get to see her lovely face. After one day of using your scratchy balm alot of the redness dissappeared. She continued to use it and gradually ‘normal’ skin began to appear like magic. After 28 days her hair is now off her face and only those in the know would see that she had eczema. Thank you so much for having the guts to develop your own range, you have transformed a young girls life and we tell everyone about your lovely and brilliant products.”

social-media-butterfly“I keep meaning to email you to thank you, ever since you dropped the cream off for my son, we’ve used it that night and it’s been amazing, his skin is usually very dry, after the first application his skin looked much more nourished than it would normally and it was still looking fantastic in the morning, when it would normally be dry.”

“Both my husband and son have eczema and your balm has already eliminated my sons which was quite mild but on either side of his nose and it’s completely gone. My husband’s is much worse but already seeing real improvement, so pleased i brought Red at airport otherwise would never have read your article.”

“Your products are lovely and after a month of using them, I’m seeing a big improvement in my skin. I developed dermatitis at the beginning of the year and my doctor recommended Aveeno cream and hydrocortisone; I wanted something more natural and saw your article in RED.”

Organic Skin Perfecting Body Lotion by LJ's Natural Solutions”Your products, together with omega oils and lots of exercise are really helping to calm down the flare ups on my face and neck and my skin is starting to return to normal, very welcome. I especially like the face oil, which smells delicious. I’ve only just started to use the eye gel and I can already see the dryness is calming down. As I’m sure you can tell, I am a very happy customer and shall continue to stock up on all these treats!”
“So far I have found the scratchy cream very useful and my hands have reduced in redness.”

“My skin is looking and feeling better. I am very happy with the products and am sending a big thank you! I love the products and think they are calming my rosacea. Thank you again!”

“My son (who is 15) is very pleased with the balm and it really helps those itchy moments!”

“The products are amazing- my sister in law suffers with bad eczema and its done wonders for her!”

Best Selling Organic Scratchy Balm “Just to say I have suffered with eczema & dermatitis for many years. I was getting married 3 weeks ago & was desperate due to the stress of my wedding my hands were really bad so I went off to see my doctor for probably about the hundredth time this year or so it felt & he prescribed me steroid tablets which I really didn’t want to take so after reading through a magazine I read about your products & I have to say wasn’t 100 per cent sure it was going to work but I was desperate as my wedding was fast approaching I tried your organic scratchy balm & wow what a difference in just a few days. I have now passed on your details to a very good friend of mine who’s daughter suffers with eczema as she could not believe the difference in my hands. So thank you ever so much.”

“My daughter already seems to be benefiting from the scratchy balm. So really pleased!”


“Just wanted to give you some feedback on the scratch balm I ordered for my 4 year old son. I read your story in the Red magazine which prompted me to order it. My son has very bad eczema on the backs of his knees, his wrists and over his knuckles and other various patches over his legs and arms. The doctors really haven’t been very helpful and having read up on ingredients in creams and steroids prescribed, I am very reluctant to put such on his skin. I have been looking for a natural alternative for a long time and had always said to my husband he needs a cream that doesn’t just sink in, buts creates a non greasy, breathable barrier. Well thanks to you I have found it. Having used it now for over a month I am very impressed. I can’t say his eczema is gone because it is quite bad, but your balm has made such an amazing difference. His wee hands have gone from wrinkled old mans hands to soft skin. I thought the skin would never return to normal. When the backs of his legs go red (like he has been scalded) I put it on and by morning it’s all calmed down again. In the past by morning he would have ripped his skin open and it was heartbreaking to watch him suffer. He screamed when we put him in the bath or shower and now I put some scratch balm on before he goes in the shower and he plays quite happily. He is also sleeping much better, not upset at night because of his sore legs and this means so much as he has just started school. To say I love this scratch balm would be an understatement. I also love the small packaging its in, so easy to pop in my handbag. Now I can look forward to winter now knowing that I also have a balm for my hands. I suffer from terrible painful hacks on my hands throughout winter. I waited before sending you feedback because I wanted to give you a true feedback, as he can have flareups every couple of weeks. Since using this balm though, the scratching himself raw has been avoided, which has never happened before! Your information leaflet on eczema was very helpful.Thank you so much. My son is with me as I type this and I asked him what he likes about scratch balm. He said, “I like the lady that makes it. I like getting the cream on because it makes my legs better and my hands.” I asked him what he would like to say to the lady and he said, “Thank You!” “

“These are seriously the best products I have ever used, and so affordable!”

“Just wanted to tell you how amazing the face oil is! I had to do a double take when I woke up, looked like it had knocked years off me. Seriously it’s the best thing I’ve ever used on my skin.”

“The lip balm is fantastic. One application lasted about 5 hours! The first thing the kids do in the morning is put on their lip balm. They love it and so does their mum.”

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