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The Curious Thing About Warts and Verrucas

Yes, what a delightful topic for a blog! Thing is, I’ve had first-hand experience of both these over the past few weeks. One of the little LJs has a verruca on her foot and the other has a wart on his finger. I had set about putting a well-known brand of wart and verruca treatment (rhymes with verruca and begins with b) on the verruca, I’m not too sure why as I’m normally 100% about the natural cures, but I was in a bit of a panic about swimming lessons.

Anyway, we have persisted with the brand name stuff for a good 5, maybe 6 weeks on the verruca and seen no improvement whatsoever. We just ended up with some dry skin round it, and if anything, it got bigger. So we stopped. Then when I noticed little LJ number two had quite a whopper of a wart growing on his finger, I looked into the best thing to do. Apparently nothing, within 18 months to 2 years your body recognises that it’s a virus and will deal with it.

Now that rang bells, as all the mums to children with Molluscum contagiosum are told this by the GP, but most people who use Scratchy Balm on it every day will find it clears up within about 3 weeks (check out my testimonials).

So I cracked open one of our many pots of scratchy balm (I think we have a half-used one in every room of the house) and put a little on both the verruca and the wart. I’ve done this most mornings and nights for about 10 days. Sometimes I’ve put a plaster over them, sometimes not.


This morning, I said to little LJ, “show me the wart”, and he held up his finger, I said, “No, the finger with the wart.” He looked at me like I was stupid and he said, “That is the finger with the wart mummy.” And I looked closer …. The monstrosity that was around the size of a pea 10 days ago is now virtually invisible. Wowzers!!

Next we removed the sock from the other little LJ to inspect the verruca and found it’s around a quarter of the size it was 10 days ago. So there we go, no cure??? Pah! We say there’s hardly anything Scratchy Balm doesn’t sort in our house. Eczema, sore bottoms, grazes, insect bites, chapped lips, rashes from face paint, the list goes on and can now include warts and verrucas!

I’d be intrigued to know if anyone else has tried it for this. Do let me know.

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