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Eczema on eyelids

About once a year I have an eczema hiccup, which always takes me by surprise. Throughout the year my eczema is good, and this is because at the age of 41, having lived with chronic eczema since I was in my early 20’s, I know (on the whole) exactly what my triggers are, what foods to avoid, and obviously what products to avoid. However ….. sometimes something happens and a blip occurs.

My last blip was a year ago when I got a really bad eczema infection on my back which spread quite fast and I had to go to the GP (yuk!). Things have been pretty good since, but yesterday I woke up with really sore eyelids. This could be one of three things or a combination. On Saturday I used different mascara (my favourite super-sensitive one had run out and I found a sample one in my drawer and used that – will I ever learn??). I washed my face in the usual way Saturday night, but the mascara was a little stubborn so I had to rub a bit to get it off.

Sunday morning I took the dogs for a walk in a very planty/breezy/polleny area and when I got back my eyes and nose were itchy, and I rubbed my eyes quite a bit. Then I took my children swimming at a different swimming pool where the chlorine smell was much stronger than usual. The result, by last night, Sunday evening, my eyelids were swollen, sticky, red and unbearably itchy.

I reverted to my usual drill:
– Washed face in cool water
– Applied very thin layer of Scratchy Balm
– Took an anti-histamine
From today the drill is:
– Drink loads and loads of filtered water
– Move to healthier eating – lots of anti-inflammatory food such as apples and chamomile tea (see my other blog about eating here)
– Take extra high-dose omega/EPA supplement (I take Eskimo 3 Advanced EPA)

Today it is slightly better but still very sore. I could get upset, I certainly would have done in the past, but I know if I’m very careful for a good 48 hours it will completely go. And it is just my annual reminder to be extremely careful with not just my skin but my whole body.

How is your skin today?

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