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Tinted Face Balm

At my workshops I like to bring along random beauty products I’ve made at home. At my last workshop, I brought along my homemade tinted face balm, and all the ladies there absolutely loved it and wanted the recipe. Actually, they wanted me to make it and sell it, but I have no plans to do that at the moment, so I’m sharing my recipe here in case you fancy making it yourself:


This is my very simple tinted face balm recipe: you can tweak it by using different oils, or slightly more mineral powder to make it thicker or so it provides more coverage:
  • 6g oil (I used organic rosehip oil)
  • 4g organic shea butter
  • 2g organic cocoa butter
  • 2g organic beeswax
  • 1g tinted mineral powder (I used a sample pot Beautiful Movements mineral foundation) buy the colour which is most suited to your skin tone.
  • 15g glass jar


What to do:

Just melt the shea, cocoa and beeswax together. Once it is starting to cool, stirring thoroughly, mix in the oil and the mineral powder, stir continuously until it is totally mixed. Pour into a sterilised small glass jar and cool in the fridge.

Using it:

Apply with your clean fingers, blending in as much as you need. You would use this instead of moisturiser/serum in tinted face balmthe morning, not as well as, or your face might be a bit slidey. This recipe suits my skin, which is really dry, you can easily adjust it if you need to alter the consistency.
Hope this works for you. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions. Better still, if you make it and love it, send me photos!
And if you are keen on learning how to make your own simple and natural beauty products, come to my next workshop – you get to learn how to make and then keep four gorgeous, simple, organic products. Click here to book.

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