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Tips to reduce Eye Bags

I have bags under my eyes, it’s partly due to working long hours, time of year, too much coffee, not enough water and then it’s just my age (43, how on earth did that happen – surely I am still 16 and dancing to The Stone Roses in a field??).


So anyway, eye bags …. yeugghhh! They make you feel so grotty. But I’m determined to deal with them so I’m on a mission to get rid. It happens because the skin under our eyes is thinner, and if we get any kind of fluid build up under there, the skin stretches and creates little bags – attractive! Here’s a list of things to consider:

  1. Sleeping face down is terrible for eye-bags, which is unfortunate for me as I always sleep face down! This is a hard habit to break, but you can try your best to always move onto your back or your side. It’s also good to keep your head elevated, so make sure you have a good, comfy pillow that supports your head.
  1. When my bags are bad (this tends to be on a Saturday morning after I’ve had wine on a Friday) I always start with a little facial massage to help reduce puffiness under the eyes. I found this great youtube video that it nice and easy to copy. I use my OMG Sensitive to do my massage, and really go round the eyes. As puffiness can be related to sinus congestion, it’s a good idea to get this moving with massage. See what you think of this video:
  1. If you do have sinus issues, deal with these with the relevant medication or natural therapy – try steaming your face over a bowl of warm water with eucalyptus oil drops, it will clear your nose in no time.
  1. Diet – boring! But if you eat carefully you are less likely to get them. Cut down on salt, caffeine and alcohol and try to stay hydrated. And need I say it, smoking is terrible for making eye bags worse.
  1. Keep your skin clean (never sleep in your make-up) and use light and gentle products, preferably fragrance and essential oil free. Because the eye area is so delicate, the skin is thinner and absorbs products more easily. Make sure you use a very light product. I hope my Cucumber & Watermelon Eye Serum will be light enough for most skins: the oils are all delicate and suitable for this area, and it’s essential oil free. Here’s why I choose the following oils:

Cucumber (seed) oil contains high amounts of Linoleic or Omega 6 fatty acid; it is light and highly moisturising. The phytosterols restore just the right balance of moisture into our skin, so that dried-out skin is well nourished, but not greasy, whilst keeping it strong.Cucumber & Watermelon Eye Serum (1280x958)

Watermelon Seed oil is a very light yet is a very nourishing , super-absorbant oil, rich in omega 6 & 9 EFA; it is easily absorbed and leaving no residue.

  1. And whilst we are on the subject of cucumber – that old trick of cold slices over the eyes, yes, do it. One of the cheapest and best remedies there is. You can also do it with used chamomile tea bags – this works extremely well if you are suffering with hayfever and that makes your eyes sore and puffy.
  1. “In chinese medicine dark circles and bags under the eye are due to a disharmony with the kidney”, according to Gabby Lamplugh, an expert in cosmetic acupuncture. “By rebalancing the kidney meridian using acupuncture points on the body, they should reduce considerably.” To find out more about cosmetic acupuncture click here:
  2. Lastly I should mention that crying a lot makes eye bags worse. I realise that my eye bags really started after my darling dog died last year and I cried way too much about him, still do (I infinitely prefer dogs to people, and he was pretty much my most favourite thing in the world). So if you are a cryer, that doesn’t help! I found this which might be worth a try:

Be wary of anyone offering you some kind of miracle cure or product for eye bags. The key is really thinking about what’s causing them and then reversing those things.

Do you have any tips you can add?


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