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Waking Up With a Sore Eczema Face

Waking up with a sore eczema face

Last Friday I went out for a meal with my husband, I very rare treat! We had a lovely time and a gorgeous meal and all was well until I woke up Saturday morning. I knew immediately that I had eaten something I shouldn’t have. My eyelids were incredibly swollen and all wet-eczema-sticky. Down the side of my cheeks were pink and sore and slightly a bumpy, a tell-tale sign that horrible eczema blisters were on their way up.

Five years ago, this would have freaked me out, I would have panicked (causing stress and therefore more eczema) and reached for the steroid cream. I would have entered a weeks long facial nightmare of scratching, weeping blisters, pain and generally feeling distraught about looking like a burns victim. However the chilled-out me did not panic. I got up, washed my face very gently with just plain luke-warm water, tied my hair back and smothered my poor hot face in my handmade organic scratchy balm. Then I drank loads of filtered water – LOADS. I avoided caffeine and alcohol, I ate lovely healthy things, organic apples, some home-made soup. I drank chamomile tea. I drank MORE water. For the next three or four days I did absolutely nothing with my face except a very gentle wash and scratchy balm all over morning and evening, no make-up.

So 7 days on and my face is totally and utterly back to normal (see photo, that’s me just now age 39 and three-quarters, no make-up on at all, could you tell that 6 days ago my face was on the brink of eczema melt-down?).

me no make-up no eczema

me no make-up no eczema

That’s all you need to do folks, stay calm, drink loads of water and put on the scratchy balm. That’s it.

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