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What essential oils are good for MS?

I’m a clinical aromatherapist but I’m also the wife of someone who has primary progressive MS. This lead me to do some research as to what essential oils are good for MS (multiple sclerosis).

Part of managing any kind of long-term health issue should involve lots of different factors or branches, and different things will work for different people. There is no cure for MS and anyone who tries to sell you a remedy that claims to cure it is lying, so be wary about what you take one board regarding the management of a long-term health issue.

My husband was diagnosed 6 years ago, and follows the guidance and treatment followed by his neurologist and his MS Nurse, which I absolutely recommend. Alongside that, we’ve done our own research regarding other improvements we can make to his lifestyle that will help. This includes a diet that minimses inflammation in the body. You could read more about that here if you are interested.

He also takes a number of supplements that we believe help his overall health. You can message me if you want to know more about that, or you could contact an independent naturopath like Nikki Hill who could advise you further.

Essential Oils for MS

We use essential oils for the various symptoms of my husband’s MS, which vary due to the time of year and the time of day. At the moment, he’s having terrible trouble sleeping. This is a very common symptom of MS, no body really knows why.

He is also having trouble with movement in one of his legs, and something called foot drop. You can read more about that here.

This week things are particularly bad for him, and so I’ve been doing some extra research as to how I can help with essential oils and massage. I have created two massage oils; one to be used at night and one in the morning. The night one obviously contains oils to promote a healthy sleep and calm his mind, whilst reducing the discomfort in his leg. The morning one is to get the circulation going in his leg and is more stimulating to help increase movement. I have been massaging the oils directly into his bad leg and into his feet. He can also just rub it in himself. Here’s what I used:

Night Blend

4 drops of each of the following into a base oil (I used organic sunflower seed) of 50mls

frankincense: helps to calm the mind, relieves anxiety, it’s often use in meditation, and is ideal to use when you are feeling tires, stressed and overwhelmed. Also reduces inflammation and soothes aches and pains.

vertiver: a very grounding oil, good for those who are feeling panicky, helps you to feel more emotionally balances when you are feeling overwhelmed, weepy and uncertain. It’s also great for stiff muscles.Natural Lavender essential oils

clary sage: helps to lift the mood and calm nerves, helps to create a sense of peace.

lavender: just a wonderful, calming sleep inducer with many clinical studies proving its effectiveness, and cell renewal.

helichrysum: what an amazing oil, expensive but worth it. It enhances well-being, good for tension, depression and exhaustion. It also relieves pain and inflammation. It’s very effective at tissue regeneration, boosts circulation which makes it perfect for MS in many ways.

Morning Blend

3 drops of each of the following into a base oil (I used fractionated coconut) of 40mls, and St John’s Wort 10mls: I’ve used this as a base oil because it is excellent for muscle stiffness and nerve pain.

peppermint: cooling, refreshing and uplifting, stimulates the muscles and helps to improve nerve pain and muscular pain.

basil: uplifting and helps with exhaustion, also helps to ease aches and pains.

rosemary: improves circulation, relaxes muscles and prevents muscle spasms. It also helps to lower cortisone levels (stress hormones)

marjoram: also improves circulation and is very useful as a pain killer, helps to ease muscular aches and pains. Also helps to ease anxiety.

cypress: stimulating and toning, helps to relieve muscle pain and controls spasms. It also improves circulation and really helps to regulate blood flow.

helichrysum: see above

Since using the night blend he is sleeping much better and waking feeling more refreshed. These are not miracle cures, they’re just a little something extra to help him.

If you think you’d like to talk to me about a bespoke blend for MS, then contact me.

If you are really struggling with MS symptoms then please contact your MS Nurse or the MS Trust who can help you. Don’t suffer alone. There is always someone who can talk and help.


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