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What is Omega 3?

Omega 3 is very important in getting eczema under control. I have always advised taking a very good quality fish oil supplement in order to get your levels up, to reduce the inflammation in your skin. That was until my daughter became vegan and she had an eczema flare up. I realised that the fish oil was not going to work for her any more. After a bit of research, I found this fab British Company making a high quality vegan version, where there is absolutely no need for fish to be involved.

And as I have recently become much more involved in environmental issues, and learned about how very damaging the fishing industry is to the planet, all the info that this amazing company provided me with convinced me that they are pretty awesome and make a really fantastic product. Here’s their blurb I found online, and how they sold me their gorgeous little glass jar of omega-rich oil:

Nothing Fishy: Omega 3

Did you know that fish don’t produce Omega 3?

Fish get it by consuming algae. Algae are tiny microscopic plants that turn sunlight into Omega 3 DHA. This has a number of benefits, for mood, brain and heart.

However, fish oil can often contain mercury, microplastics and other toxins that cannot be removed once inside the fish.

What’s more, the fishing industries kill 300,000 turtles, dolphins and whales each year that get caught in the fishing nets.

That’s why at NothingFishy we ‘cut out the middle fish’ and go straight to the original source – the algae itself! Not only is it 100% vegan, but it’s also 100% sustainable and contains exactly the same benefits as fish oil.

Each vegecapsule contains 100% of your recommended daily amount of Omega 3 DHA.

Getting it from flaxseed, hemp or chia? Unfortunately, these sources contain only Omega 3 ALA (the stuff for skin and nails). It’s Omega 3 DHA that has the essential benefits for mood, brain and heart.

We are a small UK based 🇬🇧 company, and we offer free UK P&P.

So having read all this, I bought a jar, and after 3 days this lovely little plastic-free parcel arrived on my doorstep containing the gorgeous jar of oil capsules. My daughter is happily taking them and I’m hoping to see an improvement in both her skin and her mood very soon. Having looked into this supplement, it reminded me how important it is not just for skin, but for improving mental health too.

Pop over to their website HERE.

And now I’ve realised that fish are just needed in the equation, I’ve updated my Eczema Survival Pack, pop over and have a look at that too.

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