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Be an LJ Affiliate

Thank you for your interest in becoming an LJ Affiliate.

Do you spend time on social media? Do you love LJ products? Do you want to make some extra money? If yes, read on.

What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is a type of performance-based reward system whereby you will be rewarded financially for encouraging people you know to go to my website and buy products. You will get 20% of all sales you recommend. The more people you recommend and who buy, the more money you will make. And it adds up quite quickly, if you do lots of recommending.

This works well if you spend lots of time on social media, and in particular, if you are in lots of groups on Facebook. LJ affiliate make money by recommending to friends

Customers who buy LJ products regularly and have a good grasp of what products we do, and the way in which we work, will make great affiliates. If you don’t buy very much from us at the moment then this opportunity might not be right for you just now but maybe come back soon if you love LJ products and keep buying. If you have never bought from us then this is not going to be an option for you.

The way it works

  • We create a unique link to this website for you, and when you are scrolling through on social media, either in groups or just replying to friends, if you see someone asking for a nice night cream, or something for sensitive skin, or something that’s natural, or made in an ethical way (or any of the things that LJ Natural products are) then you would comment on the post to say that you use LJ products and how nice they are, suggest the product you think they’d be interested in, and put your unique link on.
  • If that person then buys from my website through your link, you will automatically get 20% a commission payment direct to your bank account.
  • I wouldn’t expect you to just use the link and promote LJ without prompt, it will work best if you just naturally answer when you see someone looking for a product.
  • I would need you to have a thorough understanding of the way I work:
    • that I am a small, award-winning business, making products just with natural plant oils and no synthetic ingredients
    • that I’m driven by a passionate love of our environment and work in a very sustainable way (plastic-free), including a range of zero-waste products
    • there is a range specifically for eczema and very sensitive skinomg serum, award-winning natural and organic face serum handmade in small batches
    • all products and ingredients sourced are strictly cruelty-free
    • products are made in very small batches on a weekly basis so they are always fresh and still full of skin-loving nutrients when they reach the customer
    • we are carbon neutral and plastic-free
  • I don’t post products outside of the EU, so replying to the US or Australian market is not appropriate.
  • You would be able to ask me as many questions as you want as you go along.
  • You may want to attend one of my workshops so you can learn more about the business and aromatherapy in general, and I can offer you a discounted place.
  • You should definitely spend some time on the website reading products descriptions and reading blogs etc so that you really understand the business.
  • You can stop at any time, there’s no obligation to you to put in loads of time. And you should never be pushy or do a hard-sell or chase up a customer who might be interested. It’s literally just making a bit of extra money where you would probably recommend LJ products anyway.

If you think this is of interest to you, then please contact me if you’d like to take it further, and once I’ve reviewed your request (based on how many orders you have made and your understanding of our business) we can get your link set up and you make a start.

PLEASE NOTE: The affiliate code will not work on your own orders. Unfortunately, I had to take this step as during the trial phase, a couple of people signed up as affiliates purely to get 20% discount on their own orders, and didn’t use the link to encourage their friends and family to buy. If your link is being mis-used then we will delete it.

Once you have been an affiliate for a couple of months, and if it’s going well and you are directing lots of potential customers to the site (we can see how many people have visited the site via your unique link), we will set you up with a discount code (normally 10%) to use on your own orders.

Please do not set up your own Facebook group just for promoting LJ products. The suggestions you make should come about naturally where you see someone asking for products.

This is not a MLM (multi-level-marketing) or pyramid scheme. This is purely a way for you to make a little extra money recommending LJ products. Doing the “hard-sell” is absolutely not my style. and there is no opportunity for you to “recruit” people.

Geography: there will only be one affiliate per town or area, as this helps to spread the word but not over-do it.

WHOLESALE: The affiliate scheme isn’t for those who want to stock my products, such as therapists or shops. This can be done by contacting us and we will be in touch regarding setting you up with a wholesale order. The minimum order quantity for wholesale is 20 units (can be mixed).

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me.